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Keen Detective Funnies v2 #12 [Dec'39]-68pg-c2c
First appearance of super weird 'The Eye'
Volume: #2, Issue: #12
Published: December 1939, Price: 0.10 USD, Pages: 68, Editing:
Color: Color Cover; Color Interior Dimensions: Standard Golden Age US Paper Stock: Glossy Cover; Newsprint Interior Binding: Saddle-stitched Publishing Format: Was On-going Series
Notes: December, 1939. Vol. 2, Number 12. KEEN DETECTIVE FUNNIES is published monthly by Centaur Publications, Inc., 420 De Soto Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri, Editorial and Executive Offices: 220 Fifth Avenue, New York, N. Y. Entered as second class matter at the Post Office at St. Louis, Mo. Single copies 10c. Yearly subscription $1.00 in the U.S.A. (other countries $1.50). Copyright 1939 by Centaur publications, Inc. Contents must not be reproduced without permission. No actual person is named or delineated in this fiction magazine. Printed in the U.S.A. On sale date from the publication date found in the Catalog of Copyright Entries, Part 2, Periodicals, New Series, Volume 34, 1939, Number 4. Second class periodical. Copyright number 435460.
 Comic Contents:
Cover (1 page)
Featuring: Jerry O'Keefe
Credits: Pencils: Frank Frollo (signed) | Inks: Frank Frollo (signed)
Genre: Detective-mystery

Promo (ad From The Publisher) (1 page) Uncle Joe's Christmas Treat: Free Gifts for All
Synopsis: "How would you like to get some free Christmas presents from Uncle Joe? Well, I'll be glad to do this--if you'll help me by telling me the things you'd like to have this Christmas! If you will do this, I in turn can help the manufacturers plan for even nicer things next Christmas! Just answer the questions below honestly and carefully and I'll see to it that you get three valuable Christmas gifts absolutely free! I'll be waiting to hear from you, so please answer the questions and send the coupon to me right away!
Credits: Script: Joseph Hardie | Pencils: ? (fireworks ad only) | Inks: ? (fireworks ad only) | Letters: typeset

Comic Story (12 pages) Four Gangs against the Masked Marvel
Featuring: Masked Marvel
Synopsis: Anton Roche, previously captured by the Masked Marvel, is freed from police custody by three rival gang leaders. They fear the Masked Marvel and want Roche to lead them in capturing him. The gang leaders sell each other out, planning simultaneous crimes. The police ask the Masked Marvel to have one of his men lead a police detachment at the site of each crime. All three of the gang leaders are captured, but ZL is killed in the fighting. The leaders reveal Roche's location, and the Masked Marvel captures him and dumps him out of an airplane with a parachute over the state penitentiary.
Credits: Pencils: Ben Thompson (signed) | Inks: Ben Thompson (signed)
Genre: Detective-mystery Superhero
Characters: Masked Marvel ZR ZY ZL (dies) Anton Roche (villain)

Comic Story (5 pages) The Countess Who Feared Radio
Featuring: Spark O'Leary
Synopsis: Spark sees the Countess de Rossini at a ball with a huge diamond, but she refuses to speak on the radio for him, even after her diamond is stolen. He manages to capture a bit of her tale of the crime on his microphone before she notices him, and a friend of the Countess calls in to say that the woman she heard on the radio did not sound anything like Countess de Rossini. She is revealed to be blackmailer Drusilla Melick, who confesses when confronted with the truth.
Credits: Pencils: Charles Pearson [as Chas. Pearson] (signed) | Inks: Charles Pearson [as Chas. Pearson] (signed)
Genre: Detective-mystery
Characters: Spark O'Leary Drusilla Melick (villain)

Comic Story (6 pages) The Fiend's Organ of Destruction
Featuring: Dan Dennis, F.B.I.
Synopsis: The Fiend, previously captured and now in an asylum cell, still holds the secret of his musical organ of destruction. Dennis strikes a deal with the Fiend, exchanging the plans for leniency, but while police escort the Fiend to his hide-out other criminals intercept them and capture the Fiend themselves. The get the plans but are paralyzed when the Fiend demonstrates the organ for them. Just then, Dennis arrives, distracts the Fiend with ventriloquism, and uses the organ against its creator. Inspector Teague arrives to find Dennis waiting for him with the paralyzed criminals.
Credits: Script: Sam Gilman [as Gilman] (signed) | Pencils: Sam Gilman [as Gilman] (signed) | Inks: Sam Gilman [as Gilman] (signed)
Genre: Detective-mystery
Characters: Dan Dennis Tick Inspector Teague The Fiend (villain)

Activity (2 pages)
Featuring: Comicrimes
Credits: Pencils: Max Neill (signed) | Inks: Max Neill (signed)
Genre: Detective-mystery

Comic Story (6 pages) Foggy Night, Part II
Featuring: Jerry O'Keefe
Synopsis: O'Keefe, a state trooper, gets into trouble with several smugglers. They've already captured his friend Shorty and take them both to their cabin hideout. They manage to escape. Because of concealing fog, the smugglers can't see them. But Jerry can see the head smuggler backlit by the light of the cabin and shoots him, allowing Shorty to get free and bring the police.
Credits: Script: Frank Frollo [as Frollo] (signed) | Pencils: Frank Frollo [as Frollo] (signed) | Inks: Frank Frollo [as Frollo] (signed)
Genre: Detective-mystery
Characters: Jerry O'Keefe Shorty

Text Story (2 pages) Fair Exchange
Synopsis: Pickpocket gang leader Slim Anderson complains that his three boys aren't bringing in enough loot and that all of the "hicks" in town for the World's Fair should be easy pickings. The boys claim that things have gotten a lot harder because the papers have played up the danger so much the hicks are onto them. They dare him to try it himself. Later, they seem to have great success with a friendly hick, but when they get back to their hideout, they find out the hick was Slim himself, who stole all of their belongings while he let them steal his!
Credits: Script: Sam Gilman (credited) | Pencils: Sam Gilman (credited) | Inks: Sam Gilman (credited) | Letters: typeset

Comic Story (6 pages) The Doctor's Revenge
Synopsis: A respected doctor is abducted by gangsters just as his son heads off to medical school. The doctor is forced to do reconstructive surgery on the gangsters' boss to help him hide. He loses his practice as a result of accusations that he is protecting criminals, so he fakes his death and when his son tries to avenge him, he reveals himself and poisons the gangster who started it all. Father and son are happily reunited in the end.
Credits: Script: Claire S. Moe [as Clair S. Moe](signed) | Pencils: Claire S. Moe [as Clair S. Moe](signed) | Inks: Claire S. Moe [as Clair S. Moe](signed)
Genre: Crime

Activity (2 pages) Lesson #3
Featuring: How to be an Amateur G-Man!
Synopsis: Various bits of information about fingerprints, invisible ink, the history of the F.B.I., J. Edgar Hoover, the words "cop" and "g-man," crime statistics, costs to the American public, and even some bits explaining the difference between what real crime-fighting is like versus what goes on in comic books. Some items are questions that will be answered in lesson #4, and some are answers from questions asked in lesson #2.
Genre: Non-fiction Detective-mystery

Comic Story (5 pages) The Devil-God Murder Cases
Featuring: Detective Degan
Synopsis: Two mysterious murders lead John Degan to look into a large bronze idol retrieved by an expedition to Tibet that included both victims. When he sees blood and bullet marks on the idol, he consults Chinese scholar Li Wan, who explains that a high priest in a trance could animate the statue. Later, Degan wonders why Li Wan knew so much and returns to find him in a trance controlling the idol. Li Wan's guards fight Degan, but he dodges a hatchet that one guard throws which then strikes Li Wan in the head, killing him.
Credits: Pencils: Charles Pearson [as Chas. Pearson] (signed) | Inks: Charles Pearson [as Chas. Pearson] (signed)
Genre: Detective-mystery
Characters: John Degan Li Wan (villain)

Comic Story (1 page)
Featuring: Junior Detective
Credits: Script: Fred Schwab [as Ed Wood] (signed) | Pencils: Fred Schwab [as Ed Wood] (signed) | Inks: Fred Schwab [as Ed Wood] (signed)
Genre: Humor Detective-mystery

Comic Story (8 pages)
Featuring: The Eye Sees
Synopsis: Formerly wealthy trader E. D. Mattes and his daughter Ann have been exiled from their home in Afghanistan by Islam Herat, who took over Mattes's business. In New York, Mattes laments that Ann must work and he has nothing left but her.The Eye appears and tells Mattes that if he obeys, all things are possible. Herat plots the death of Mattes so he can capture Ann. The Eye intercepts his assassins in their airplane and blows them out of the sky. Mattes pretends to be his own ghost to get Herat to confess.
Credits: Script: Frank Thomas (signed) | Pencils: Frank Thomas (signed) | Inks: Frank Thomas (signed)
Genre: Superhero
Characters: The Eye (introduction) Ann Matte (Matte's Daughter) E. D. Mattes (wealthy Trader) Talu (Ann's Old Teacher) Islam Herat (villain) Herat's Gang (villains, All Die)

Comic Story (8 pages) The Case of the Whispering Light
Featuring: Dean Denton, Scientific Detective
Synopsis: A movie star disciple of a new seer called Astra is murdered. Dean realizes that the "magic" crystal balls given to Astra's wealthiest disciples are only loudspeakers controlled through beams of light. He and Carol go to Astra's "Temple of Light." He recognizes the voice of "Astra" as belonging to his old enemy the Conqueror. Denton is captured, and Carol causes a distraction, allowing him to escape. He broadcasts the truth to the remaining followers of Astra, which lures the Conqueror to the station. Denton gets the drop on the Conquerer when he arrives and turns him over to the police.
Credits: Script: Harry Campbell [as Harry Francis Campbell] (signed) | Pencils: Harry Campbell [as Harry Francis Campbell] (signed) | Inks: Harry Campbell [as Harry Francis Campbell] (signed)
Genre: Detective-mystery
Characters: Dean Denton Carol The Conquerer (villain)

Comic Story (1 page)
Featuring: Cop Capers
Synopsis: Strange and amusing trivia involving jail sentences and criminal behaviors around the world.
Credits: Script: Terry Gilkison (signed) | Pencils: Terry Gilkison (signed) | Inks: Terry Gilkison (signed)
Genre: Non-fiction Crime

Advertisement (1 page) This Beautiful Desk for $1.00
Featuring: Remington Noiseless Deluxe Portable Typewriter
Synopsis: Advertisement for a desk at a discounted price if bought with a Remington portable typewriter.
Credits: Letters: typeset

Advertisement (1 page)
Featuring: Johnson Smith & Co.
Synopsis: Back cover. A plethora of small-print ads.
Credits: Letters: typeset

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